The Very Portal of Heaven: Breaking Free from Imprisoning Thoughts

Imprisoning Thoughts: “That’s not possible.” “No one has ever done that.” “People won’t like you if you are too smart or competent.”…so? Who put those limits in your head anyway?

A few days ago, while searching my sock drawer, I found the above quote, that I had ripped off of an old desk calendar, tattered and worn now, on a paper, at the drawer’s bottom. I picked it up and peered at it more closely. Taped to its tatters is a small, pink framed picture of a new-born baby…

For four years, I looked at this quote, everyday of my fertility journey. I was trying to conceive Grace at the time. Reading it was my part of my routine -between visits to the local Catholic church for my personally-created-candle-vigils, while sitting at the feet of Mother Mary’s statue,  and reading aloud a series of Biblical based affirmations around the stories in the Bible where women were told, by some Divine Intervention (an angel or prophet) that they would become a mother. “I will conceive and maintain a pregnancy,” was the theme of my declarative phrases during these vigils. Devotion and Conviction. With such reverent confidence I approached God’s throne. I deeply knew I desired motherhood. And when it didn’t come easily, I got serious in my actions and in my words — separate and aside from the trips to the fertility center.

Grace will be nine this spring. She is the miracle baby that fans the fires of belief within me. She is the evidence that all encompassing- happier-beliefs, stated out loud, create life, joy, and manifestation.

So why do I still do that thing – called imprisoning thoughts –  that won’t allow the happy to be there for me?

It’s called Thought Patterns. It’s called Culture. It’s called Fear. But mostly, it’s called: Limiting Beliefs. “These are beliefs, not truths” says Matt James, Ph.D.

For example, after my first miscarriage, I thought, “I am too old to maintain a pregnancy.” But then, after the second miscarriage, “I said enough is enough! I’ve got to change this! Thinking this feels so bad!”

So, I started saying, “Women older than me have had babies! There are women in the Bible, who had no assistance from science, and if they achieved motherhood, so can I!” Then, I searched out every avenue I possibly could (from acupuncture to candle-light vigils) and added them to my affirmations and actions to assist in the inevitable happening. And, it happened.

So, how does one manifest our “hoped for inevitable”? you ask.  First, we recognize that that the negative stories we have been telling ourselves all these years are simply NOT true. Then, we try on a new, a more encompassing, belief system, one that feels happy. We say it out loud, everyday, for several days (40 is a good number). Then, we take on a different action plan: “If I really am the type of person who eats healthy food – what would I put in my grocery cart?” (James 12). And then, we place those sweet red peppers in the cart, then we go home and slice them and eat them (with some spinach and artichoke hummus preferably!)  And then, as positive reinforcement, we say the new words to ourselves, each day, to help the healthy and happy bubble up inside us.

Or, in our English-teacher-like homework,  we REWRITE our script, the one in our mind, to help seal the deal on our new belief system we have created. We say that new, happier script. We believe that new, better-feeling script. Hence, we start living the happier life we always imagined. Slowly, but surely.

Yes, I am continuing to detox from sugar in this second week (Today is day 8 – and I did have a single chocolate heart yesterday! I told myself, one will not hurt – and it didn’t).  I continue to say to myself, “I feel better and better each day, as I continue to choose healthier foods.” The candy cravings do continue to dissipate. Less fuzzy brained and more pep in my step is my manifestation. And certainly, I have less dependency on that sugar induced smile. That is a lovely experience.

So, as 2017 is still young, and perhaps you are, like me, still on the track to trying to achieve your resolutions – or a new life pattern. Let’s add some affirmations to our actions!

Let me offer a great thought, a reason why, a positive affirmation may assist us on creating this new life: “There is no physician like cheerful thought for dissipating the ills of the body…to live continually in our thoughts of ill-will… is to be confined in a self made prison cell… to patiently learn to find the good in all — such unselfish thoughts are the very portals of Heaven.” – from the book As You Think, by James Allen

What limits are in your head, preventing you from living your Heaven-on-earth experience? I invite you to explore that this week, with me. I invite you to join me in re-writing the script into thoughts that will bring you cheer. I invite you to state them out loud, and to begin to manifest the life you have always imagined. Let’s do this together!

Blessings and peace,

Pamela Rae




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