Ode to My Ordinary Day: What a Writer Writes When She Realizes She’s in Love

Fifteen minutes of looking through my Google Gallery brought me to the realization: I am absolutely in love. And while I toy with the idea of how much to share of myself, the deepest parts of me can not be ignored and cry out to be publicized.

I am in love with my daughter. Someone once told me, “There is no doubt that you are having a love affair with your daughter.” I confess, we are caught up in mutual adoration.

You probably have experienced this type of passion: when in love, almost every song on the radio transmits meaning, and certain lines resonate more powerfully than others.

And while enjoying that “in love” feeling, it finally dawns on you: there is not enough time, while we are alive on this planet, to live all the moments I want to live with my beloved.

James Arthur says it perfectly in my most favorite-present-song-lyric, right now:

I wanna live with you

Even when we’re ghosts

Cause you were always there for me

When I needed you the most

-from Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur

wedding love

So, what does a writer do, once she realizes one lifetime is not enough to live all the love of the someone she loves?

She writes an ODE.

An Ode: “A poem…written in order to praise a person or thing.” -Longman Dictionary

As you read, I invite you to think about who and/or what you love: the person or thing that you desire to experience fully in this present life and, God willingly, in the afterlife, too.

Spring is coming. With it comes birthdays, graduations, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and weddings. An ode is a perfectly priceless gift to offer your beloved (s). My next blog will offer some suggestions on how to get started. Until then, bask in the bliss with me of pure love. And get inspired to start spring with an ode of your own!

Ode to My Ordinary DayGrace and sunflowers

As morning extends to day and then day into night

Daily chores and routines are the moments always in sight:

Cereal bowls, sandwich plates, pasta bowls smeared with butter

Move from kitchen, to table, to sink: my loved load of clutter.

The mystery of my heart is defined in her laundry basket

And we’ve got Legos, Monster High Dolls, and technological gadgets.

She loves to build. She loves to sing. She loves a good back rub.

She swims like a mermaid: in pools, oceans, and her bath tub.

Tfairy house building (1)hat first day we finally met, mankind came alive:

As God’s love lives in her fair skin and in her dreamy blue eyes.

She surely lacks little, as she asks with an endearing, “Mommy?”

Evidence is in her room: it was hit by a toy tsunami!

Last summer we went to a baseball game, to see sunflowers, and to play on the beach

Where she caught a lady bug on her finger, and kept it within reach.

When she let it go she said “Good-bye sweet bug.”

Without the fear of squishing it, there would have been a hug!

Kitty cats, time with Papa, and creative adventures,lady bug moments

Gymnastics, time with friends,  and sponge cake are her pleasures.

Daily chores and routines move seamlessly to our background

As fairy wands, dance routines, and scooter rides at the playground

Become parts of the party we call our life: It is our weekly cabaret…

Mothering, Mentoring, Doting, Enjoying: These are the things that make My Ordinary Day.

So there you have it: My Ordinary Day Ode. I am blessed to live this life with this amazing soul. And my hope is, in the spirit of James Arthur’s song, my little girl will one day say to me, in an ode of her own:

“…Cause you were always there for me

When I needed you the most.”

Enjoy your creative pondering! And the love of your beloved!

Blessings and peace,

Pamela Rae


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