On Appreciation: Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Teacher Appreciation!

According to collinsdictionary.com when we ‘appreciate’ something, or someone, we 1. recognize its good qualities, 2. understand it and know what it involves, 3 are grateful for it, and 4. value it highly. And as Teacher Appreciation Week passes the baton to Mother’s Day, like gentle sunrise moving into the brightness of early morning, it is my hope that despite the stormy weather, that today we feel especially grateful for the people in our lives who give wholeheartedly in the spirit of love.

I am feeling especially grateful today,  as a Mom and as a teacher. First, because this was unexpectedly delivered to my classroom on Tuesday:


“To my favorite teacher – who will surely leave the world a better place than when she found it. Happy National Teacher’s Day! From your former student of the Class of ’02.

And secondly, because these cards were lovingly handed to me yesterday:



Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. And thanks for giving me such a good life!!!! 🙂


First, what’s the curious story of the long stem yellow roses? When reading the card, it’s clear that the former student is displaying an understanding of “recognizing good qualities” and “knowing” what teaching involves. But more importantly, and complimentary, is this individual chose to acknowledge me and my dedication to my profession, fifteen years after graduation.

Many colleagues probed deeper:

“Are you still in touch with the student?”


“What kind of student was this Giver?”

“Kind. Intelligent. Introspective. Valedictorian.”

“Do you have any way to get back in touch?”


“Would you ever have expected such an outstanding gift? After all, it is a vase filled with one dozen long stemmed yellow roses – with glitter on the leaves…”

“No… Yes, yes – statement making, yes.”

All of my short replies, are simply short because many of own questions go unanswered.

But, here is what I do know: the Giver and I truly enjoyed our time learning together; the Giver and I composed, read, and explored the content of English and analyzed the deeper implications of the subject matter as a team; the Giver and I laughed a lot, spoke about life a lot, and mostly acknowledged one another’s humanness, daily.

Special, yes. Unique, no. It is what teachers DO. Everyday. Without any questions… with ALL of their students. It is special by nature of the honor to work with young, growing, trusting minds. Not unique. That is the standard. Period.

I think it is the Giver who is uniquely intelligent, here — who in the quiet introspective moments of the Giver’s life, and in the understanding of the value of the teaching profession, woke up on National Teacher Appreciation Day and said, “She has waited long enough to hear the words. She deserves to be told, today, of all days. And so, she shall be shown my full gratefulness. Because, she is my favorite.” The ultimate kindness.

Shown, felt, and fully appreciated by me! Thank you, kind Giver!

And the gesture is held in absolute AWE…

…because I feel respected and AMAZED. And because I GOT to be the FAVORITE! Lucky me!

And when I go into the quite introspective and intelligent moments of my life, AWE and respect is acknowledged, in each waking moment that I get to live out my “dream profession”. It’s just that some days, I get to live in the glow of AWE a bit more than others. And on Tuesday, AWE was served times one dozen roses, and fragrantly!

Now, what about my ‘giraffe’ Mother’s Day card? When reading the card, it’s clear that the Giver “highly values” her quality of life! Um, thank goodness! The “dream profession” of teaching is, along with me, her generous provider. How wonderful is that?!

Oh, and the giraffe — As a totem animal (which how I came to realize the giraffe is the perfect symbol for me is a different blog post – for another day…) the giraffe symbolizes, according to the linked site, that I have learned to make my words count and learned to share my awareness of my surroundings with others.

Is that me or what?? At least, me “in the making” 🙂

Thank you, Dear Daughter for knowing and acknowledging me!

The birds are starting to chirp… sunrise (even if it can’t be seen on this cloudy day) has moved into the brightness of early morning, Mother’s Day Morning.

My hope for you today is that you get to experience (and offer) the many definitions of appreciation. Whether you are a teacher or a mom, or serve both these roles in some capacity in your life, know that I “understand and know what it involves”.

And I appreciate you…

…that’s why I wanted to share my roses and my card with you.

You make “the world a better place”. You give someone a “good life.”

And I sincerely believe it. And wholeheartedly value it.

Happy Teacher’s Appreciation. Happy Mother’s Day.

Blessings and Peace,

Pamela Rae



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