A Tale As Old As Time: How to “Create a Moment”

When your daughter tells you, “I’m not wearing dresses anymore,” please don’t take it lightly. Get moving!  Call your local professional photographer – or a friend who enjoys photo ops with flair – and schedule an appointment pronto. Now, run to Kohl’s with your 30 percent off coupon, grab the latest D-Signed for Girls Collection, and “princess it up”  before you run out of  precious “girly-girl time”.

It’s Time to Create a Moment!

She’s only nine, but Grace knows who she is and what she likes: baseball, basketball, gymnastics, swimming, and going fifty miles per hour on her scooter (helmet on, of course) down a hill – while I’m sweating anxiety beads the whole time.

I’m only forty-seven, and I know who I am and what I like, too: poetry, Pilates, hot coffee even on hot days, meditation, slow walks at sunrise, and I like her in “dressy” dresses.

Yet, despite our contrasts, Grace and I do reside together mostly in harmony. I credit Disney. We are both die-hard fans of all films, channels, garb, and paraphernalia.

So, in order to force time to standstill,  I knew I could Create a Moment when I came home with these two Disney D-Signed Belle dresses, and she’d  happily play along.

So, My KEY advice to get your female sports enthusiast in a dress?

Make it into a theatrical production — With these Belle fashioned frills, costumes were DONE.

Now, props.

Get THE ROSE (or Aurora’s spinning wheel – whatever your theme, find the prop). Lucky me, I just so happen to have a generous friend whose husband embodies artistic finesse and skill. He had already designed and fashioned his rendition of the “forbidden flower” for their little girl. So, that was a quick and easy, “May I borrow your daughter’s Belle Rose?” and BOOM (as my students would exclaim), props DONE.

Next, RUN to the photographers as FAST as you can

before momentum is lost.

Then, CREATE the scenario for your little actor: “Grace, you are Belle. I have told you not to go to the West Wing, several times. But, as usual, you have your own glorious mind, you don’t listen –”

ClarkeP_PortraitSimple Beauty's Rose

Next comes her exuberant (and welcome, as she is in performance ZONE now) interruption: “— oh, and you walk in and catch me right as I start to remove the lid! Mom, you then need to scold me!”

YES. She invited me to scold her. I leapt at the opportunity.

What joy! Between laughter and some serious finger waving we captured my sternness and her dismayed surprise. Moment created – DONE.


Don’t let go yet, however.

Slow down the reel on this Oscar winning performance…

Take a minute, look her in her eyes,

Remember back to the days when she wouldn’t resist the frills,

get face to face, nose to nose…

ClarkeP_PortraitSimple Pure Light

And smile proudly at your headstrong, self assured, sports-loving-lady.

She’s going to be just fine. No, she’ll be better than fine. And so will you. And so will you.

Cheers to Creating Moments!

Blessings and peace,

Pamela Rae



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