A “Don’t Quit” Goat Yoga Inspired Poem to Start the School Year!

One week left before the new school year starts! Green leaves will turn to amber and shorts to snow pants! Play to studies. And free time — so seldom it may tighten our chest – will turn to work. But hey! There’s still time to capture one or two more fun and hopefully “out of the box” summer activities!

My daughter and I said a big “YES!” to Goat Yoga! 

Goat Selfie G and Me

For one full hour of yoga, as we rose into downward dog or stretched into extended child poses, we were jumped on and climbed on! Sharp hooves, dug into our skin. Oh! We were cutely bleated at! And treaded over with such bountiful, playful energy that only baby goats, scrambling for treats and new terrain, can bring.

Goat and G wants food

It was sunset on the farm!

The “kids” (what baby goats are called)

were getting one last chance for recess, before being tucked in for the night!

Goats and Gracie 18

But the pictures brought me a new realization: to baby goats, their work IS recess. OR recess IS their work! And I decided to write a “Goat Yoga Don’t Quit” poem, to help me mindfully reset how I think about the school year, and the ‘work’ to come!


When life gets hard, as it usually will

And your daily chores involve climbing paperwork hills,

When your energy is low and your stress is high,

When you want to head to yoga, to breathe a deep sigh,

But the load is unending — it tightens your chest —

Remember the Kid Goats – they make work look like rest!


Life is challenging: with traffic jams and all there is to learn!

Each person is dolled out troubles; everyone gets their turn.

And many a technology glitch comes about —

When you might have planned a lesson better, just don’t pout –

Remember the grassy weeds, that between the rocks grow!

The Goats view this as cud, and the farmer need not mow!


Often the 3:05 bell is much nearer than,

It seems to a tired and tense teacher – a busy clan!

Often the Academic seems to have given up,

When she might have read the paper that lifts her up!

And she remembered, too late, the Goats playful go-round,

How that one little bleat is such a energetic sound!


Challenge is success when the reward is about

Finding something fun in the Standing Mountain of doubt!

Oh the Kid Goats, jumping up on backs and arms!

Their persistence for frolic and fun — anywhere they are!

So the next time your stress is close to creating a fit,

Remember the Goat Yoga Creed: your hills are where they sit!

goat up close good pic

And just in case you wanted to read the “original” Don’t Quit poem, here it is:

See the source image

Wishing you a fun and frolicking School Year!

Nutmeg at Goat Yoga

Blessings, peace, and “may your work be more like recess”!

Goat and Me

Pamela Rae


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