About Me: Writing. Reading.Teaching. Learning.

Hello and Welcome!

A bit about me:

Teaching English at a grades 9 – 12 technical high school has it glorious moments: I get to read some pretty great books with some pretty cool people!

Better yet, I get to read what my students write, write along with them, and talk about our “ideas”. Then, we do something fun with all that chatting! Finalize, Refine, and Present our Poems, Prose, and sometimes Films.

I always say: “My students say ‘it’ better than I do.” They really do! So, I love reading and writing and teaching because I am part of a realm of fabulous ideas! Lucky, lucky me!

Also, I am single mom to a fabulously fun ten year old daughter, Grace. She’s my greatest teacher – therefore, I’m loving this ride! Since she is in fifth grade, I get to experience her reading, writing, learning journey, too!

I’m such a learning nerd!

With each passing year, I get my Mama groove and my Teaching groove on a bit more gloriously than the year before (ha – ha – if I do say so myself)!

This blog will help me get gloriously groovy in writing, too!

Wishing you blessings and peace (and tons of fun),

Pamela Rae