About: BE Inspired

Hello and Welcome!

A bit about me:

For 26 years I have been teaching English at a grades 9 – 12 technical high school. I serve as an instructional and literacy coach to my colleagues, also.

I am passionate about student academic growth, professional improvement, and personal excellence.

I am no stranger to the “Being Busy Culture” we live in, as I am a single mother to a highly energetic nine year old daughter, Gracirae. She loves to swim! And we do this exercise together, year round!

Our bliss is found in the most  ordinary things: being together, enjoying home-cooked meals, and dreaming out-loud.

Pilates, yoga, and meditation keep me grounded, and offer me a deeper perspective on life.

Welcome to “BE mindful 26″ — based on my long term goal of tuning into and offering that deeper connection: Beyond Expectations. Mainly, my own.


By 2026, I’d like to become an instructional and knowledgeable voice in the mindfulness movement that is spreading across our nation.


Why me? Why you?

Inner peace equals outer peace. It sounds cheesy, but “We really are all in this together”. Let’s “mindful moment” our way there, together!

If you choose to join me on this endeavor, we will have an amazing time — and I certainly want a life of fun and fulfillment for you, too!

And as ALWAYS: Blessings and peace,

Pamela Rae